Jaclair Papillons was established by Clarice Babbidge in Canada in 1960. Under Clarice, Jaclair developed a reputation as one of the top Papillon kennels in North America. Today Jaclair is owned by Clarice's daughter Carol McLaughlin and her husband, Paul.

This is the story of Jaclair, including the Past, Present and our hopes for the Future.

At Jaclair we have lived with and loved Papillons for over forty years. Their temperament, enthusiasm and love have made them a huge part of our lives. We are striving to breed not only beautiful, competitive, healthy Papillons for the show ring, but also well adjusted and loving companions.

We hope to keep Jaclair alive and growing for many more years.


At Jaclair, the dogs are part of our family and things are never dull around the house:



The welcoming committee at our gate





Am Cdn Ch Jaclair's Déjà Vu (D J) and Cdn Ch Jaclair's Encore (Cory)
making life tough for teddy bears





Even as a puppy Am Cdn Ch Josandre' I Walk The Line (Walker)
looked like he could fly with those ears!





Cory and Paul helping each other nap.





Cdn Ch Lightfoot's Allo at Jaclair (Al) and his friend, Auldstane Clarissa (Kiska),
the Saluki, just checking things out.





Walker babysitting Emma

Cdn Ch Inkies Andy the Troublemaker (Andy) helping with Julie-Anne




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