Am Cdn Ch Jaclair's Ziegfeld , Am Cdn Ch Jaclair's Major BIS and Am Cdn Bda Ch Jaclair's Ziggi BIS BISS
Picture taken in 1977
The seed for Jaclair Papillons was planted in England during the late 1930s when Mary Sully decided to get one of those new "Papillon Dogs". Mary and her husband Fred were dog lovers and well established breeders of German Shepherds and Dachshunds under the Hallau name, but Mary and her daughter Clarice were intrigued with this new breed.


Mary Sully with a young Papillon in the late 1930s
 Clarice Babbidge in the mid 1970's


Many years later Clarice Babbidge, by then living in Canada, remembered the small, friendly, intelligent breed and decided to track them down. Seen here holding a young Howdy Doody (bottom left), Pandy and Ch Inverdon Michaela (bottom right).
There were very few breeders in Canada or the USA in the 1950s so Clarice imported her first Papillon from the UK. Mitchy arrived in January 1960 and Jaclair Papillons was born. Clarice was the heart and soul of the kennel, but it would not have ever happened without the work and support of her husband Jack. The name Jaclair comes from combining the names "Jack" and "Clarice".



Jack and Clarice Babbidge




Clarice's children grew up living with, showing,
training and loving these wonderful dogs.



During the 1960s and 1970s, through Clarice's love and dedication, Jaclair became an internationally known name in Papillons. Clarice incorporated British (mainly Inverdon) and American lines and skillfully developed a line of Papillons that went on to be very influential in the breed in North America.



Carol is seen here in 1964 with Jaclair's Pierre CD, CDX with some of his obedience trophies.

It was no surprise when in the 1990s, Clarice's daughter, Carol with her husband Paul, decided to re-establish the Jaclair kennel.